Planet Clean Recycle Industries PLC

Planet Clean Recycling PLC is leading the next global revolution of plastic processing and material-based resourcing. With our services, we strive for long-term, sustainable value development for all portfolio companies.

Our Vision & Mission


PCRI’s vision is to innovate plastics recycling methods to save the planet’s oceans, at the same time as we drive plastics recycling on land, the world over, to keep the Planet Clean.


PCRI’s mission is to consistently provide customers with the highest quality plastic materials at reasonable prices, and assurance of on-time deliveries.

About Us

PlanetClean Recycling Industries Inc, (PCRI) is a North American recycling technology, producer and distributor. PCRI has recently entered into a strategic agreement to purchase shares from an established foreign player,
Hi Technological Plastics Industries LLC (HTPI) in exchange for ownership to propriety technology, ability to manufacture machinery and ultimately access to resell recycled plastics back to HTPI for the next five years.

This unique opportunity offers investors a turn-key and accelerated pathway for PCRI to become a market leader in the plastic recycling industry.

Business Model

Hybrid Freight and Production Technology

The Company has an ambitious plan to buy ships and process the plastics at sea while sailing to the Middle East or Africa or Asia for delivery of the finished product. This will not only save time while on voyage but save costs by maximizing labor, eliminating costs and thereby increasing profit margins.

Mobile Plastic Shredding Units

The Company will immediately produce mobile trailers that can travel directly to remote areas, shred plastic on-site and pack them into highly dense units that will fit more plastic content into containers for export. This technology enables the Company to source plastic from remote areas that do not have large supply of plastics and would normally not be economically viable to reach.

Recycling Plant Opportunity

The State of Tennessee is a plastic rich state that offers unprecedented tax incentives to recycle plastics in an eco-friendly manner. This business plan calls for 80,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing facility that is adjacent to major corporations that demand domestic plastic. Currently, most fortune 500 Corporations have a social responsibility mandate that requires the acquisition of recycled plastic. PCRI will capitalize on this underserved opportunity by supplying precisely this need.

Investor Relations

For our shareholders and investors, we are committed to our values today and in the future: reliability, responsibility, transparency and innovative strength. We at Planet Clean Recycle Industries Corp. know that only with know-how, systems and many years of experience can the opportunities of tomorrow be identified, evaluated and exploited today.

Plastics By The Numbers

About 8% of the world’s oil production is used to make new plastic.
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Americans recycle less than 10% of their plastic trash on average.
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Of all plastic produced, 40% is used once, and then discarded.
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About half of the world’s plastic is made in Asia.
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